5 Best Night Festivals in Japan You Can’t-Miss!

Night Festivals in Japan full of beautiful lights

Japan is known worldwide as a country that has a lot of interesting tourist attractions. From cultural tourism to culinary tourism, Japan has it all.

But, have you ever visited any night tourist spot in Japan? If not, here are five recommended night spots in Japan that you must not miss while you are there!

Chichibu Night Festival

Chichibu Night Festival (Image: GaijinPot Blog)

The festival is held during the winter in Japan in early December. Tourists will be mesmerized by the beautiful view of the boat parade filled with various lights. The festival is held in the Chichibu shrine area, Saitama.

Historically, this festival is one of the oldest in Japan as it has been held for centuries. Some also believe that this festival has been organized since 2000 years ago. The festivities begin at 7 pm. Till 10 pm. And ends with the fireworks display.

Akita Kanto Matsuri

akita kanto festival 164280
Akita Kanto Matsuri (Image: japantravel)

Akita Kanto Matsuri is one of the biggest night festivals in the Tohoku
region. At this festival, there will be a group of people carrying a 12-meter-high pillar with 46 lanterns. These people will parade with their headlights on Chuo Dori Street in Akita City, Japan.

This festival is held in August and is included in the festival in summer. Artists who follow this event can reach hundreds of people. They will perform acrobatics while dancing and lifting the Kanto Pol with energetic drums.

Sapporo Snow Festival

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Sapporo Snow Festival (Image: Travel Japan)

This festival is held in February during the peak of winter in Japan. The week-long festival includes various snow sculptures adorned with colorful lights. Tourists coming here can enjoy the beauty of the lights from 10 pm onwards.

There are hundreds of snow sculptures at this festival and they come in all shapes and sizes, from castle shapes, and cartoon characters. The festival is held at Odori Park in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Gion Matsuri

gion matsuri iStock 673628940
Gion Matsuri (Image: Japan Cheapo)

This festival is held in the middle of the year in July. The festival consists of a series of major events and is held throughout the month. Yoiyama night is one of the most awaited nights.

That evening, there will be an exhibition of Japanese lanterns and antiques on Karasuma-dori main street. This ancient exhibition is a mark of respect to the influential families living in the area. Indeed, those who want to see antiques do not hesitate to open the door of the house.

Visitors who wish to shop can also visit the Gion Matsuri Surprise Market. There, visitors can taste a variety of typical Japanese snacks provided for pedestrians.

Tenjin Matsuri

tenjin festival
Tenjin Matsuri (Image: Mr Japanization)

This evening celebration is held in July and is held in Osaka city. There are over 100 boats crossing the Osaka River that divide Osaka City. The boat was carrying the followers from the Tenmanggu temple.

Boat passengers will wear traditional clothes while playing music and clapping. Not to be forgotten, the show will also feature a fireworks display starting at 7.30 pm. More than 3,000 fireworks displays will be displayed and these fireworks displays will culminate in all events of the Tenjin Matsuri Festival.

Those are some of the Night Festivals in Japan which are very interesting to visit while on vacation there. Visit the official Japanese tourism website immediately so you don’t miss the above festival schedule. Happy Holidays!

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