Halloween 2023: Why is Halloween celebrated in a scary way?

AniAsiaHalloween 2023: Every year, Halloween is celebrated on 31 October and this year the festival is falling on a Monday. On this day people celebrate Halloween by going to church, lighting candles and praying. This day is also celebrated by cutting a pumpkin, wearing a scary mask and Costumes or watching horror movies.

According to history, Halloween Day was celebrated as ‘All Saints’ Day’ throughout northern Europe before about 2000 years. At the same time, according to some historians, Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival, which is also called Samhain. It is believed on this day that the souls of the dead rise and come to earth and create trouble for the living souls. Since then, people wear scary Costumes to drive away the fear of spirits.

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The way of celebrating Halloween Day is quite different. On this day people wear scary Costumes and go to people’s homes and give some candy as gifts. Along with this, many people carve eyes, nose and mouth in hollow pumpkin and place candle inside it, so that it looks scary.

all halloween
All Hallows Eve
all saints eve
How to CelebrateTrick-or-treat Games, Costume, Making Moving Lanterns, Light Bonfires, Prophecy, Apple Bobbing, Ghost Charm etc.
DateLast day of October (31st October 2018)

Why is Halloween celebrated only on 31 October?

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Halloween 2023: Why is Halloween celebrated only on 31 October? (Image via letsroam)

The Celts lived 2,000 years ago, mainly in northern France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Because they believed that it should be held between summer and winter, they thought that the ghosts of the deceased returned to the world on the night of 31 October, as the Celts celebrated their new year on 1 November.

At the same time, in ancient times and even today, in some parts of the world, people burn and wear clothes to scare away ghosts.

Halloween 2023: Unique way to celebrate

Halloween 2023: Unique way to celebrate
Halloween 2023: Unique way to celebrate

Everyone meets on this day. Share and celebrate sweets and treats. People also come together and play many games. All these games are traditional. This is how Halloween has become very popular and beloved not only among Christians but also among non-Christians and others.

Also, you can use WhatsApp messages and images to wish your friends, family, and colleagues on this Halloween day.

Happy Halloween 2023: Why do people wear ghost costumes and scare others? Know what the story behind it is? 

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