Stranger Things: 7 The Scariest Monsters

Netflix’s ace drama “Stranger Things” is a combination of sci-fi, suspense, and thriller. It has received high reviews for the past three seasons and has become one of the most popular series on the platform.

After nearly three years, the fourth season is divided into two parts, and it returns with a super dark and terrifying attitude. Many fans of the show bluntly said that they were scared to death watching the first episode. In addition to seeing how the protagonists deal with the “upside-down world”, the fourth season also added the undead terror king, and the monsters that have appeared in the play are very worthy of attention!

Six months after the Battle of Starcourt in the season three finale shrouded the town of Hawkins in terror and devastation, the protagonists are still reeling from the aftermath. Eleven moves to California with the Joyce family to live a new life, separated from her friends while navigating the complexities of high school. It’s a pity that during these difficult times, a new terrifying supernatural threat has emerged, and it has to deal with the demon king “Vecna”, which is more evil and terrifying than the past three seasons. Now let’s analyze the characteristics of the 7 scary monsters in the play.

7 The Scariest Monsters in Stranger Things

1. Great Demon King “Undead Wizard” Vecna

Stranger Things Season 4 Great Demon King "Undead Wizard" Vecna
“Undead Wizard” Vecna | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

In Season 4, the new villain Vecna from “Upside Down,” is the most powerful undead wizard in Dustin and others’ favorite tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. In the game, Vecna had only one left eye and left hand before his death, and the character has existed since the first generation of Dungeons and Dragons in 1974. In the play, And the corpse-like spider monster are extremely terrifying, and he has the evil ability to touch human thoughts and telepathy. It is believed that only Eleven’s superpowers can deal with him.

2. Demo bats

Demo bats | Stranger Things Season 4
Demo bats | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

In addition to the undead king Vecna, there are also Demobats in this season. The appearance of the magic bat is like a bat, and it is also somewhat similar to the Facehugger that appeared in the classic sci-fi horror movie “Alien”. It is believed that the producers Duffy Brothers paid tribute to the horror movies of the 1980s. In the play, the devil bat is Vecna minions. When he finds the enemy, he informs Vecna, and it will eat human flesh.

3. The Hospital Monster

The Hospital Monster | Stranger Things
The Hospital Monster | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

The Hospital Monster was a hideous amalgamation of bits of human tissue. A disgusting, fleshy, spider-like monster, the Spider Monster doesn’t have a cool name, but what it lacks in appeal it makes up for in sheer horror. It is a Mind Flayer weapon, formed from the remains of its victims, and can only be stopped if it is cut off from its source.

4. The Flayed/Spider Monster

The Spider Monster | Stranger Things
The Spider Monster | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

Before the doors closed in Season 2’s “Upside Down”, Will’s Mind Flayer remained in the real world, parasitizing the Mind Flayer. After being chemically changed by parasitic factors, it turned into a giant monster.

The creature parasitized by the mind flayers mentioned above is called a mind flayer, and the one whose heart was taken away in the first season was Will, and the one who was taken away in the third season was Max’s brother Billy. Billy sacrificed himself and fought a giant spider in the Season 3 finale, the Battle of Star City.

5. Mind Flayer

The Mind Flayer | Stranger Things
The Mind Flayer | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

The mind flayer controls everything in “Upside Down the World”, it will find a host and divide it into small parts into the human body, and then manipulate the human. Although Mind Flayers didn’t appear in Season 4 for the time being, Will’s drawings seem to imply that he is still under the influence of Mind Flayers.

6. Demogorgon

The Demogorgon | Stranger Things
The Demogorgon | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

The concept of “Demon God” that often appeared in the first two seasons also came from “Dungeons and Dragons”. It has a strong influence in “Upside Down World” and is known as the King of Demons. This bloodthirsty breed is about 5.5 meters tall, reptiles or amphibians, especially hermaphrodites, and similar in shape to humans. It has no eyes, ears, or nose. When angry or eating, its face “blooms”, it has sharp teeth, and it has unusually long “tentacles” for its arms.

7. Demodogs

Demodogs | Stranger Things
Demodogs | Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

The body of the “Demodogs” is no different from that of a dog, but it is also full of muscles, and the speed of running up is also abnormally fast. Like the “Demodogs”, its head will “bloom” and its mouth will be full of sharp teeth. In the play, Dustin discovered the magic dog larvae by chance. The shape is similar to that of a tadpole, and its growth process is similar to that of a frog. It only grows legs in the later stage of growth. However, unlike cold-blooded animals, it is extremely afraid of high temperatures and cannot survive in bright light or sunlight.

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