This Windows 11 Bug Makes File Explorer Faster

Windows 11 Bug Makes File Explorer Faster: Within the confines of Windows 11 File Explorer, an intriguing anomaly has surfaced, paradoxically enhancing the program’s operational efficiency. This peculiarity expedites the process of file retrieval, though its activation mandates manual intervention from the user.

This revelation was imparted by an informant on the platform known as X, previously identified as Twitter. In a video demonstration, the bug’s simplicity is evident: the user merely toggles File Explorer between full-screen and windowed modes, resulting in a substantial augmentation of page loading speed.

However, it is imperative to acknowledge that, being a bug, not all facets function seamlessly following its activation. For instance, the navigation bar experiences complete dysfunction upon transitioning between modes.

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To trigger or deactivate File Explorer’s full-screen mode, one need only press the F11 key while the application occupies the foreground. Complementing this, the Windows community has thoughtfully devised and furnished a script, thereby rendering this action even more instantaneous. This invaluable resource is readily accessible for download on GitHub, albeit accompanied by a disclaimer urging users to employ it at their own discretion.

A Transitory Remedy to an Inherent Predicament

Foremost among the grievances levied against File Explorer is its protracted response time. Across the most recent iterations of both Windows 10 and Windows 11, a substantial cohort of users has been afflicted by inordinately prolonged program loading intervals.

In essence, the bug serves as a makeshift solution to this perennial quandary, albeit in the form of an inadvertent system anomaly. Notwithstanding, it stands to reason that this feature’s viability will be of ephemeral duration. Upon Microsoft’s cognizance of this idiosyncrasy, the corporation will inevitably embark on the formulation of a comprehensive remedy, slated for release in forthcoming updates.

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