How to Hide Instagram Chats without deleting them

Instagram has many tricks to keep its users engaged and happy. One such feature is to hide Instagram Chats. If you have particular chats on Instagram that you don’t want anyone to read, even if they have access to other messages on the platform, you can choose to hide these specific chats.

While Instagram doesn’t give you the option to “hide chats“, there are other ways you can achieve the desired results.

How to hide chats on Instagram

While Instagram does not give you an option to “Hide chats” but there are other ways you can get the desired outcome.

Method 1

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile and go to chats.

2. Open the chat you want to hide.

3. Just swipe up to activate the Vanish Mode for hiding the chats.

How to use vanish mode

Now you can continue your chats. They will disappear once the recipients have read your text. You can share GIFs, pictures and videos in this mode which will also disappear once they are viewed.

You can turn off this mode by simply swiping up. Note that users who are part of that particular conversation can still take screenshot and report messages.

Method 2

1. Open your profile and tap on the three lines menu in the top right corner.

2. Settings>Account> Switch Account Type>Switch to Business account.

3. Next, go to the messages section and open the chat you want to hide.

4. Now tap on Move to General option

5. Go back to settings and switch to personal account, your related chats will disappear.

6. You’ll need to change your account back to your business account and move that chat from “Normal” to “Primary” for a chat to show up.

This way you can see your hidden chats again. In particular, it is recommended to use Vanish mode over the above two methods.

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