How to Delete Your All Tweets Using TweetDelete

You are probably not the same person you were five years ago. And even if you are, Twitter is definitely not where it was in its early days. Once a freewheeling, low-stakes website for throwing bad jokes into the abyss, it has since grown into a huge public forum in which almost everyone lives.

  • Instead of deleting your old tweets one by one, you can easily delete all the tweets in your Twitter account using a third-party service.
  • TweetDelete is a service that allows you to delete all of your old tweets all at once.

There’s no good reason why your old Tweets still exist when there’s every good reason to get rid of them. Here’s what to do next.

How to Delete Your All Old Tweets

  1. Go to the TweetDelete website in a browser on your PC or Mac.
  2. Log in to your Twitter account and authorize the app to use your account.
  3. Choose which Tweets you want to delete. You can choose to have a specific time frame or all of the Tweets you’ve made.
  4. Once you have deleted your Tweets, open your Twitter account and go to Settings & Privacy > Apps and revoke Tweet Delete access.
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If you prefer, you can leave TweetDelete as an authorized app on your account and schedule Tweet deletion in advance. You can have the process run automatically every few days.

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