20th Century Girl: Sweet at the Beginning, Sad at the End

20th Century Girl

Recently, 20th Century Girl has captivated audiences across the world. Until this film was released, Girl of the 20th Century was ranked #2 on Netflix in the list of Top Global Films. The story is bright and interesting, so you won’t get bored.

The film is the story of Na Bo Ra, who is nostalgic for her first love story. Na Bo Ra exchanges messages with her best friend, Kim Yeon Doo, and finds out about her first love. The cuteness of the high school students, who play with their love, passion, and brightness, is delivered through the characters’ interactions.

At first glance, 20th Century Girl reminds us of the Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This is because it shows the romance of high school students who both fail to express their feelings. However, even though it is formulaic in the style of a teenage story, this film is still worth watching.

Movie Title20th Century Girl, 20segi Sonyeo
Original Name20세기 소녀
Release DateOct 6, 2022
Writer & DirectorBang Woo-Ri
CastKim Yoo Jung, Byeon Woo-Seok, Park Jung-Woo, Roh Yoon-Seo, Han Hyo-Joo
GenresRomance, Youth, Melodrama

5 Facts About 20th Century Girl

The performance of the cast liven up the Atmosphere

Kim Yoo Jung will play Na Bo-ra, and Byeon Woo Seok will play Poong Woon Ho. Although there is an age difference, they bring to life high school characters in 20th century Girl.

Roh Yoon Seo as Kim Yeon Doo, Na Bo Ra’s best friend. Roh Yoon Seo starred in the drama Our Blues as a pregnant teenager. Park Jung Woo will play Baek Hyun Jin’s friend Poong Woon Ho. Park Jung Woo is a new actor who made a cameo appearance in Hospital Playlist 2.

It is no exaggeration to place high hopes on the performances of these artists, and we look forward to his future success.

Not a love triangle but a quadrilateral

The stories of love triangles are well known, but the struggle turns even more beautiful in a 20th Century Girl, where four people fall in love with each other. Complicated love relationships between high school students might seem funny to adults who watch it.

Not only this, watch this movie and guess who gets the happy ending.

20th Century Girl Has a Surprising Plot Twist

At first, I thought this 20th Century Girl movie would end like any other. It turned out to be quite surprising and thrilling at the same time. This is the reason why the film has grabbed the attention of many viewers. There are happy and sad things all happen at the same time.

Later, Na Bo Ra, an adult played by Han Hyo Joo, hears the shocking news. This news is related to his first love Poong Woon Ho. At this point, your emotions will be in toyed for the entire duration of the drama.

20th Century Girl based on a true story?

No, “20th Century Girl” is not based on a true story. Director Bang Woo-ri said in an interview, This is the story “When she was in high school, she used to exchange diary with her best friends and talk about someone she liked.” Like the story of Na Bo Ra and Kim Yeon Doo in 20th Century Girl.

Watch on Netflix

20th Century Girl is now available on Netflix, making it even easier for fans around the world to enjoy it. The movie on Netflix is also highly rated, with rankings in this week’s Netflix searches.

20th Century Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

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